Teresa + Nick Matthiessen State Park Engagement Session

You know when you meet up at a winery for some pre session wine tasting that its going to be a good day. We meet Teresa and Nick at August Hill winery before heading to Matthiessen State Park for their session. After hanging out with them for about an hour and half sipping on Rose, it was clear just how excited they were to be getting married. Nick proposed exactly one year after sending Teresa the first message on a dating site and now they are eagerly counting down the days until they say I do.


Like most couples I meet up with they claim that they are super awkward and will need help. And that couldn’t be further from the truth every time. They rocked it! Teresa and Nick were so much fun and just so easy to work with. We came up with a game plan for their wedding day and I am so excited to run around Springfield with them again! I love couples who are up for whatever goofy ideas I have :)

One of the funniest moments that I wish someone had gotten on video camera was at the very end of the engagement session. We thought we could make it down this hill that was covered almost entirely in a sheet of ice. Crazy, right? Since it is March and its been a rough winter, Matthiessen was pretty frozen. Which was gorgeous but proved to be a little difficult to get to some parts that we might have normally been able to. We decided to brave the descent and make our way to these rocks and I about died laughing. We are all scooting our way down attempting not to break a bone. At one point, because I am just so clumsy, I opted to slide on my butt part of the way until I could make it to some sand. Teresa and Nick are sitting on these rocks and Lex is holding onto me so I don’t slide down another hill while taking photos. Helping me inch one way or another so I could get various shots. After we were done we realized the way back up was going to be harder. We started off holding on to the wall of rock but ran out of grip making out way to the middle. I swear this must have looked like the scene from Parks and Rec where Leslie has one of her campaign meetings in the middle of a hockey rink. One thing for sure is that sessions with me are never dull ;)