O'Malley Family Newborn Session

2019 is the year of babies! I declared this the other day after shooting my 3rd newborn session the last few months with a few other baby related shoots on the calendar coming up. And I am not mad about it at all. Especially when the sessions are with adorable little guys like Liam.

In a mentor session I took a few years ago I was told to focus on one type of photography. If I wanted to be a wedding photographer, than I should only show that I shoot weddings. If I decided to be a family photographer, I should only show families. It made sense with that dang Instagram algorthium. But to me, it didn’t. I have always just loved shooting PEOPLE. In all stages of life with all sorts of reasons for a session. I am a LIFE photographer with a nontraditional spin. I like to focus on the real moments of your life whether that be on your wedding day or with your baby or when you are gearing up to find a new job and want something a little more fun for a head shot. So with that being said I am so incredibly excited for all the babies I get to work with this year. And couples. and anyone else I get to meet along the way :)

New Lennox newborn in home photography

Now on to the O’Malley’s. I do not take it lightly when people let us into their space to capture these moments and am always so honored. Especially when we are all having a party on their bed to get these photos! Emily and Lex used to work together so I was thrilled when she reached out for newborn photos. She was all about the real moments that is newborn life. While there were some tears, being a week old is rough. There were also lots of snuggles and a maybe smiles. I am just so happy I could document these moments for you two!