What To Wear To Your Session

I get asked this all the time! So I wanted to write up a little blog post on what to wear to your session. I know some photographers will send out a specific guide on exactly what you should wear and this won’t be it. It is more of a guide to give you confidence in choosing your outfits and getting some ideas on what you could do. Because at the end of the day, your session is about YOU, not about being Pinterest perfect.

My biggest suggestion is never wear anything you wouldn’t actually wear in real life. So if dressing up in a tie or fancy dress makes your cringe, why force yourself to sit through photos in an outfit that makes you uncomfortable? Getting your photo taken can be nerve-racking so one of the best ways to start the session off right is wear something you feel amazing in :) So if that is in pizza t-shirts like you see below, then I am all about it! I know we are inundated with all sorts of photography sessions these days of people in long flowing dresses on a cliffside. And while those photos can be beautiful, if they aren’t you, you still may not enjoy your session. Feeling uncomfortable in your outfit choice will show in your photos. My job is to beautifully document you as your are. If you absolutely hate your outfit you may not be a fan of your photos. Because there is a chance that overtime you look at them you will think about how much you disliked what you were wearing. And I’d hate for your photos to sit on a flash drive somewhere where they can’t be enjoyed.

Naperville Riverwalk engagement

More often than not, neutrals are a great option! They go with most backdrops and act as a quick outfit change if some of your pieces go with other pieces. Since a lot of my sessions take us away from the car or aren’t near a bathroom, outfit changes happen in the woods all the time. If you wear pants that go with multiple tops then outfits changes are easy! I have had a few clients wear some seriously awesome patterns. We ran all over Chicago and their outfits were perfect with the street art! If you want a more natural setting, the neutrals might make more sense.

Choose colors that complement each other but that aren’t so matchy matchy that we are taken back to the 80’s! Unless that is the vibe we are going for :) So what do I mean about complimenting? If one of you is wearing black then maroon, grey, beige, etc is a great option. Wearing a highlighter green shirt and highlighter pink pants may take away from the photos especially in the middle of the woods. Choosing colors that go with your backdrop are also a great option.

Chicago in home printers row engagement session

Colors that compliment are also a great option for family sessions! You all have your own unique style so there is no need to have everyone in the exact same outfit. Let everyone’s personality show! Colors that go together always look amazing and let the focus be on your relationship versus what you are wearing.

And if you are feeling like you REALLY want to do something fun for your session, I had a couple wear onesies and drink beer. Yep, you read that right! See, there really aren’t rules. I will happily document you guys in any outfit you choose to wear. Its basically wear what makes you feel great and seems right for the activity or backdrop!

Graue Mill Oak Brook engagement session

And don’t be afraid to get bundled up! If your session is outside and its freezing cold it is totally okay to wear your coats. Or a million layers. And when its cold, its even better weather to get all close and snuggled up with your loved ones.

One of the best things you can do is let your true colors shine! I always get so excited to see what my clients come up with for outfits and they always look amazing. And like them :) Need a little more inspiration? Check out the photos below to see a wide variety of outfits! And I am always happy to help narrow down the selection if needed! Plenty of clients have come with multiple outfits unsure of what to choose or sent me mood boards. Either way, I am there for you all!