Laura Salon Owner Oakbrook Terrace Branding

You may recognize this lady from the many posts on Instagram I have done about her. Laura has been doing my hair for almost 4 years now and she is the BEST. Seriously this lady makes me look fabulous on a regular basis. We recently did a shoot to build some content for her. Laura got a new salon suite last summer and it was a total upgrade! I mean look how gorgeous that lighting is in there. She is also working on rebranding her business. We often spend half of our time chatting business strategies when we get together and I just love that.

I cannot say enough how important is branding and content are to a business. I have been loving working with Laura on her new brand and cannot wait to see everything come together! Read a little more about Laura, what she does, and products she recommends below!

Oh and book an appointment with her immediately. You can do so here.

I feel so incredibly blessed to be a part of the beauty industry that is constantly growing and evolving.  Every day I get to meet new guests but also continue to grow relationships with my loyal clientele. When my client’s hand over their full trust in me to create a look/color/cut/style suitable for their specific vision, I feel purpose. Being a hairstylist to me just goes so much further than a color and cut, it’s an artform to me, a craft. Every beautiful head of hair I get in my chair, I see as a fresh canvas… a new art project for me to create! For the guest, it should be a pampering moment for you. A chance to really wind down and hang out while knowing your leaving this appointment feeling good about yourself. Over the years I have come to specialize in modern coloring and cutting techniques. From balayage/hair painting, baby lights/color melts/dimensional fusions of colors and color corrections!  Every woman deserves to feel beautiful & I have truly seen with my own eyes and come to learn how powerful a boost in self-esteem is and what a transformation it does to one’s attitude and confidence. That is a beautiful thing and I love the feeling I’m left with at the end of a work day. Wouldn’t trade that for a single thing! Educating at home care is a big part of my job as a hairstylist and if I could give just a couple general pointers  that will improve the way you take care of your hair here are the two I would suggest:


Say hello to dry shampoo ladies!

Worst case-scenario is washing your hair every day so if that’s you listen up! Over washing can strip the hair of its natural oils totally leaving it drier, duller, more prone to breakage. 

Also, the more you wash your hair, most likely your using heat more often and we all know This may be the most destructive hair-styling habit. Washing your hair more than a couple times a week is just expensive! You’re wasting tons of product and probably finding the need to refresh your color more from so much fading. So, therefore dry shampoo sounds like a great idea, amiright? Introducing this product is SUCH an effective way to keep your scalp fresh between shampoos while doubling as a great texturizer and root booster! Amika dry shampoo is my absolute favorite!


Invest in your hair, simply because you deserve it!

Your hair ages just like your skin. It’s true, and just like your skin, feeding your hair with ingredients that will support its health, in the long run, is important.

Investing in salon quality shampoo and conditioner will extend the life of your color hands down. You spend money on your cut, color, and styling why skimp on your aftercare? There are hundreds of salon products that are specifically formulated for your unique hair type and needs. Once you find the right products, stick to them! You love the way your hair moves, feels, shines, and smells leaving the salon, but you can’t replicate that same look yourself? Well, your only as good as your tools so if you’re not using the right kind of product in your hair, you are not going to have the same kind of results that I am... and hey! You deserve to and you CAN!