What is a Session Like With Mackenzie Maeder // Photo + Video

If you were to go through my website or Instagram, you would see words like “nontraditional, connected, quirky, unposed, or documentary”. These are all words I use to describe my style. Not to mention “vibrant, colorful, and contrasty”. I use these words so often that sometimes I forget that people may not exactly know what I mean when I say them.

My approach to shooting is prompts not posing. I want to capture real interactions and emotions rather than awkward smiles. With every small session (or with couples and bridal parties on wedding days) I play games, ask questions, direct my clients to do something that will lead to a genuine interaction between the people you are with. I always get a least one “fridge shot” as I like to call it where everything is looking at the camera. But for the most part I document. I love sessions where people truly feel comfortable and just have fun! Which is why if you were to look through all the photos I have taken, a lot of people are laughing or dancing or running, or just on their feet! They aren’t always looking at the camera but sometimes thats the most beautiful. If you and your fiancé are more on the silly side I love to embrace that! If you tend to be more serious then we thoughtfully talk and create a space for more quiet intimacy.

I will tell bad Dad jokes and ask about your kids if they aren’t there or what you favorite date night is. If you are a business owner in need of head shots I will spend most of the session engrossed in what you business is and what your dreams are. And if you ever feel like you need to ask “what should I do with my hands” my response will also be “be closer, keep touching, hold hands, brush hair away”. Whatever you would do in that instance.

Don’t worry, for those who are nervous in front of the camera it is not as scary as it sounds! My sessions are basically just like hanging out with a friend who just happens to have a camera in hand.

My goal for every session is to capture who you really are, create some fun memories, and in a space that works for you. Whether that be in your home, at a bar, a beach, or forest preserve. My goal is always to leave you walking away having a stellar time!

While most of my sessions seem to take place in forest preserves I also do sessions in a lot of different places! I always urge my clients to choose a location that makes sense to them. Did you just buy a new house? Let’s do an in home session! Do you have a dog? Lets find a dog friendly park. Favorite date night involves going out for shakes? Take me to your favorite place! Since no two people are a like, no 2 sessions are a like.

I have gotten a few questions about editing as well. I’ve had a few people reach out asking about a session only to end it asking if I would edit in a different way or provide the raw photos so they could edit. My editing style is what you see on my website, Facebook, and Instagram. Its full of color, very vibrant, and I love contrast. Its also more true to the moment. You may see photographers who have a light and airy style or photos where everything is more yellow.. These are two VERY popular styles right now. And while there are some photographers who do this style beautifully my style won’t change per shoot. And that is totally fine! You may love my candid approach but want light and airy. And there is a photographer out there that will do both! But if you love my use of color and documentary style of shooting then we are going to be a great fit :)

And don’t worry, my husband and brother operate the same way! We all want you to have the best time and forget you are in front of the camera. So whether you are with me, Lex, or Zachary is videoing your wedding we promise to help you have an awesome experience.

And once we do your session, I ALWAYS post sneak peaks within a few days of the shoot. Smaller sessions can take me a couple weeks to get back to you and with weddings I typically tell couples a few months but more often then not get their galleries back to them sooner :) Every client receives their photos in a gallery link that they can download from, print, or share. Everyone has full sharing and printing rights so they can post all over Instagram and print on their own or directly through the link. Entirely up to them! I encourage all of my clients that even if you don’t print through me, just print in general! There is nothing like holding a framed photo or an album of your session.