Diana NICU Baby Session Rockford

I have never done a shoot in a hospital before! My girlfriend Ariel reached out to me saying there was this sweet family she wanted to do a shoot for, especially of their daughter Diana. I was immediately on board with the idea. Ariel brought a bunch of fun stuff rom home to make her bed look like it wasn’t a bed in the hospital. She even got her the adorable tutu you see in the photos below.

Diana is 5 months old and just one of the bravest little girls I have ever met. You have to be when you are all hooked up and spend your says in the NICU. She let us completely change her little bed, dress her up in a bunch of outfits, and have a stranger come in and take photos of it all. And she didn’t cry once!

As her parents were leaving, her mom told me they never got photos of her when she was born and didn’t even think to bring someone in to take them. They were SO excited about this shoot and I am equally as excited to share. It is so important to document your life and have someone capture moments like this for you.

Diana, you are the sweetest little girl! We got so close to a few smiles. Next time :)

I am so honored I got to be a part of this session <3