Chicago Donut and Chicago Makers Festivals 2019

One of my goals for 2019 was to take more photos of MY loved ones and memories. I spend a lot of time documenting memories for so many wonderful people the often times I forget to document my own. One of the things that has helped is knowing that I am going to put an album together. I created an album for 2018 but felt like I missed a bunch of stuff because I was sorting through everything after-the-fact trying to piece our year together. I mostly had issues with the iPhone photos. Sorting through those was not fun. As you can imagine, I have A LOT of photos on my phone.

So far this year knock on wood I have been great about updating the album as the year goes on! I organize all of my iPhone photos by month now on my drive so that way I don’t have to worry about backing them up when I run out of space! Which also includes backing every single screen shot or terrible iPhone photo I may have taken. I really don’t need all of it! When I do it weekly or monthly, I am only backing up the images or videos I select. Everything else gets left behind.

I know it may not always be that easy to to stay on top of this, but right now I am enjoying making these yearly albums for our coffee table. And I can’t recommend this enough: PRINT YOUR PHOTOS. Whether that be in an album or just a few prints to frame. There is just something so nice about having some sort of physical copy. Because I don’t know about you, but I don’t go through my camera feed as often as I’d like unless I am looking for a photo to post.

We spent the weekend with some of our favorites exploring a donut festival in the city, watching comedian Nate Burgatze LIVE, and lots of puppy snuggles. I love spending time with these 3 and can’t wait for all of our future adventures together <3