Michigan Adventures - Ladies Weekend 2019 - Saugatuck and South Haven

More fun in Michigan! This time just the ladies.

During Lex’s bachelor party. the guys were all having so much fun they decided to do another trip this summer. While they were discussing it, a few of us ladies thought, why do they guys get to have all the fun? So we planned a relaxing weekend getaway in South Haven and Saugatuck, Michigan. We went antiquing, ate a lot of food, explored a farmers market, sat on the beach, did about a million boomerangs of what we were drinking, and it was the best weekend. Just what the doctor ordered after a crazy several weeks!

If you’ve read my recent post about our trip to Detroit, you know my love for Michigan runs deep. My grandparents live in Fennville so growing up we would explore Saugatuck. I don’t think fully appreciated it until recently as we have gotten older. A few years ago we started branching out and explore South Haven which quickly became one of our all time favorite places to go. One of my friends, Sarah, also has a serious case of Pure Michigan so I knew on one of these trips we had to go to South Haven. I think it is safe to say it was a success.

You may be wondering why there is a few photos of my dad in the mix, well he just so happened to be in town visiting my grandparents. So while Nicole and I waited for Sarah and Marissa to get here, we visited with them and them hung out with my dad for a few hours. It was great!

Are you looking for the perfect weekend getaway thats close to Chicago? Check out these fun places!

Saugatuck Antique Mall and Brewery - if you like antiques and you like beer then this is great spot. We went looking for bar taps first and found several for the Maeder Party Barn. If you buy anything at the antique mall you get a discount at the brewery. Its a win win!

The Mitten Brewing Co - Scroll down and you will see a photo of a pizza. But its not just any pizza, its a pizza flight! We got to choose 6 different pizzas to try and it was AMAZING. And this is coming from someone who can’t eat pizza all the time. Sucks getting old.

The Idler - it was a goal to replace one of Lex’s beloved crewnecks here since his is getting old but sadly they did not have any. We did however eat while there! Part of the restaurant is on a boat and the other is on the dock. They have AMAZING crab soup which honestly I think we all could have just ordered that after our awesome farmers market spread we picked up to take to the beach.

Warmer Vineyards - so right near The Idler by the docks is a place that serves wine slushes. Yep, you read that right and they were delicious. We knew we had to get some of that. Boomerangs were made.

Captain Lou’s - So Lex and I came here a few years ago and just loved it. Its a mostly outdoor seating area which is my absolute favorite. If you have the opportunity to sit outside, then you have to. Its right on the canal so you can watch the boats coming and going while having a few drinks. It is perfect. This time around we went at night and boy was it a party. There were about 3 or 4 bachelorette parties there that evening and they came to dance. So we decided we were too old for this, got snacks, and pigged out at the hotel.

Grow -We went here for breakfast on Sunday before heading out. It is a newer place that we hadn't been to before so I was excited to try it. And it was incredible. If you want locally grown amazing breakfast food you HAVE to go here. See the photo of the egg in it below. SO FREAKING GOOD.

Uncommon Coffee - this is such a cool place. They have pride flags all over and signs that say they love and sever everyone. This is the kind of places I love to support. We went here Saturday for breakfast and I got the pesto and egg bagel sandwich which was also incredible. I love a great breakfast but when delicious tea and the opportunity to support a great business is involved, I’m game.