Maeder Boll BBQ 2019

Every year since Lex and I met, we have done something fun for the 4th. It wasn’t until the 2nd year though that we had a BBQ at my parents. It started off small, usually just with a few friends but has grown over the years. And is definitely one of our favorite days of the year!

I love how laid back the 4th of July is. Its just a time to hangout and relax. No gifts exchanges are involved unless you stumbled upon something someone HAD to have. And if you are busy and can’t join in on the festivities, hopefully you can make it next year :) There is just so much pressure for other holidays to be magical or you have to do this because thats what we did in the past. Those holidays stress me out more anything so I love when we get the chance to just hang out like this.

In past years, I have only taken a few photos that have gotten lost on my hard drives sadly. But because of this year’s goal to document more personal moments for our yearly albums I captured some of the fun moments.

A few weeks prior a bad storm came through a took one of our large evergreens down along with a side of our pool. When my mom texted me about how the pool would be out of commission for our party, I knew I needed a back up just in case it was ridiculously hot. And it was. We hopped on over to Target’s site and ordered 2 Minidips and a sprinkler system. Our friends’ son Finn got the most use out of it which was so much fun to see :) And pretty much the whole reason I got those pools anyway!

Big shout out to my parents for always letting us use the backyard, their yard games, and help get the party going. And especially to my mom who made way more food than she was supposed to ;) If you see this, we appreciate you but you can just relax and enjoy the BBQ next year!