Carly and Ricardo CD and ME Summer Wedding

I woke up the morning of Carly and Ricardo’s wedding and looked to Lex. I said today was going to be such an awesome day and I couldn’t wait. As we were leaving we looked at each other again and talked about how their day had exceeded all of our expectations and was a total BLAST.

I adore all of our couples so much but there was just something really special about these two. Both of them greeted me with hugs when I saw them. And they said several times that day if we needed anything at all, water, food, etc to just let them know. It was their wedding day but they were constantly making sure we were good. Carly and Rick you guys rock.

One of the highlights of their day for me is while they ladies were getting ready, Carly walked up to her bridesmaids and says all seriously “while Mackenzie is here, I want to get photos of us shotgunning a beer”. Her bridesmaids laughed and said you didn't to ask them twice! Normally its the guys having drinks during their getting ready process but I just loved that the ladies wanted to do it :) Your wedding day is about you so do whatever the heck you want! If you want to shotgun a beer in your robe then lets DO IT.

This was the first time we have been to CD&ME and we were blown away. Such an amazing venue! It was some serious venue goals with an amazing outdoor hangout area with bags, a fire place, and string lights. It had huge garage doors they opened up during the party. And LIGHTS. So many fun lights to really get the party going.

It was about 100 degrees that day so I was concerned about the bridal party but they were such troopers. Just moments before the ceremony was to start clouds started rolling in. People were nervously watching to see if a storm was going to come but those clouds just brought cool area! Just in time for the ceremony. It was perfect.

I could gush about their day forever and just how lucky we felt to be a part of their day. Congratulations Carly and Ricardo! <3