Lyndsey Chicago Birthday Portraits July 2019

This is our third year getting together and taking birthday portraits of Lyndsey. And for the first time it wasn’t cold and rainy! WHOOP. So we took advantage of the BEAUTIFUL weather and her parents’ new home. Which was gorgeous. The photo options in there are endless. And the lighting in their house was just a dream. If there was a fun shadow or light leak through a window, Lyndsey was going in it.

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I had totally forgotten that Lyndsey lived in the Netherlands for several years. When I brought up we were going she mentioned she had all sorts of travel recommendations for us so we could make the most of our trip next year. I am so excited to get together and discuss our next adventure! Lex and I are eagerly counting down the days until we get to go back to Europe.

I adore doing these birthday shoots for Lyndsey and love that she treats herself every year. I think it is so important to have photos of yourself other than selfies! And since my shoots are more nontraditional than your average “headshot shoot” you always walk away some some unique photos. Just a fun way to look back on life! Especially when you take photos in a place that means something to you, like your parents new home <3