Tracy and Eric Morton Arboretum Engagement Session

There are sessions that you walk away from where you go “WOW, what a fun night”. And this was one of them! I think I spent most of my drive home telling Lex just how much fun it was getting to know Tracy and Eric. Their engagement session at Morton Arboretum was also gorgeous! It looks like a pretty fall evening but we were running back and forth to their car to cool off in-between locations.

One of the funniest moments was during one of my prompts. I am a sucker for the “almost kiss” photo. This time I had them “kiss with their teeth”. I usually make couples hold it for a few seconds and then have them go in for the big kiss! This time though, when I had them kiss, Eric was still smiling with his teeth and Tracy kissed him for a few seconds just like that! We were dying laughing. Eric said he was just doing what he was told :P Nothing says love like awkwardly kissing each other’s teeth!

We danced, talked about their love for candles and scarves…okay I love those too ;) And discussed how they met and got engaged. I am even more excited to hangout with them all day again on at their wedding and capture more moments like these <3