Food Fanatics Live Favorites - Event Photography

2017 has been one of the best years. Lex and I got engaged, we moved into a beautiful new apartment that we love, we got to photography so many couples as they say I do. And of course I can't forget about my adventures with Food Fanatics Live. Some of you know that this year I was asked to photograph events that US Foods puts on across the country. Some of you may have only seen my Instagram posts or stories of my adventures and wondered why I was always at a the airport or eating so much good food.

I was hired by US Foods to travel to their 19 shows across the country. I went on 17 flights for the shows and an 18th random flight to do a chicken tender shoot in Raleigh (super exciting). I got to visit so many incredible cities that I had never been to and may not have gone to without this awesome opportunity. As much as I love shooting weddings and working with couples I have really loved opening up my business more to a whole other side: event photography.

Words are definitely not my forte. It is hard to explain how much I have loved being the photographer for all 19 shows this year. The last show was at the beginning of November in Phoenix and it was so bittersweet. You could tell everyone was glad to be taking a break after this but they were also sad because we wouldn't get to see everyone again until the end of February. The chefs, the Fern guys, the vendors, etc all come from all over the US. Not only were the shows a fantastic and unique way to help customers make it, they were also a fun way to see all of our new friends. Plus eat a lot of AMAZING food.

I could spend days talking about each individual person but I just wanted to say thank you to every person who has become my friend. I seriously loved seeing you at every show. I hope I get to do this again next year so we can continue the fun :)

So there were 19 shows this year. I think I averaged about 1500-1800 images taken every show. Each show then received about 300-800 final images. Which is crazy! Thats bout 30,0000 images taken just for these events.

If you've read this far, here are just a couple things I learned this year that I'd like to add before you start scrolling through the work I am really proud of. 

+I can do things alone. Which maybe if you are reading this, you are thinking "Duh, Mackenzie. Everyone can". But what I mean is, I can do things alone and be okay. I don't mind sitting at home all weekend by myself but I don't ever go out and do things alone.  This whole year, I have had to pretty much travel just me. Minus a few times Malyssa (she plans these awesome events) and I got delayed. Which I am super proud of! Though of course, I am sure my parents were super nervous every time I said I was going to go explore ;)

+I also learned I don't like traveling alone. While I can, it is SO boring. There were so many times I wanted to do something, or take a photo of someone (I am ALL about portraits) and its just me. No one to share it with. Its nice to have someone with you. Kudos to all of you out there that LOVE traveling solo. But certain things are just better with company.

+I have mastered bringing as much stuff as possible on a plane without checking a bag. Its a gift. I think I have gone through at least 5 different camera bags/cases/luggage set ups to find the right one. If you need tips, I'm your gal.

+Truffle burgers are basically the greatest burgers ever created. I got to eat a lot this year. And I mean A LOT. Basically it was my dream job of taking photos and eating food all day. But of all the things I got to try, the truffle burgers were the best. If you ever see some on a menu, get it. You won't be disappointed.

+Fanny packs are the best. I wear a dual camera strap so I can shoot with multiple cameras at once. Wearing a purse with my batteries, SD cards, phone charge, and chapstick hurts my back and shoulders.  My siblings got me a fanny pack for my birthday and I wore it to every show after. So useful! 

+The US is a beautiful place. I went all over the country from Massachusetts to Louisiana to California and saw so may different types of places. Our country is full of amazing cities. I loved getting a tiny glimpse into what the rest of the US has to offer outside of Chicago.

So if you made it THIS far, thanks for reading. Basically the jist of this year is this was one of the most incredible experiences. I would do it again next year in a heart beat. I'd even suffer through getting delayed most of the flights home again. I just loved this. So below are some of my favorite shots from this year. It was hard to narrow down but I am super excited to finally share some of the work I have done this year.



Oh! One last thing, I also got pretty lucky and got to meet 2 celebrities: Chef Marcus Samuelson and Mickey Mouse ;)