Sophie + Jimmy Chicago Engagement Session

You know when you meet someone for the first time yet it feels like you've known each other forever? Thats how it was with Sophie and Jimmy. From the minute we walked into their BEAUTIFUL Chicago apartment it was like old friends catching up. I think we talked just as much as we took photos. Which I love. You know you are going to forever be obsessed with a session when it happens like that.

Not only were they so fun and easy to talk to, they were also up for anything I asked them to do :) Which is basically a photographer's dream and makes me even more excited for their Danada House wedding next winter. I am already dreaming up ideas for them. I am SO excited for their wedding that I wish it were December already!

Fun fact about these two: they met when Jimmy held Sophie up on a keg stand at a graduation party. And the rest was history! Best meet-cute ever? I think so. Their proposal also didn't go as planned. Jimmy had this whole idea worked out but Sophie was having a rough day and just wanted to go home. Unfortunately, he couldn't change his plans and wait another day because their whole apartment was decorated to celebrate. Obviously Sophie was pretty confused when she got home. Her parents eventually got her to go out on their rooftop where Jimmy proposed. And had terrible photos taken of them by a random family who was arguing on the rooftop while Jimmy was waiting for Sophie ;) My favorite stories are the ones where things didn't go exactly as planned <3

I think these photos speak for themselves, so scroll all the way to the bottom to see how much fun with had with them!