Nashville New Years Eve Trip 2017

It has been a goal of my Dad's for the last few years that once my brother turned 21, we would all go to Nashville. Zachary turned 21 on Black Friday this past year and unfortunately had a terrible stomach bug so we weren't able to really celebrate. He spent most of the evening curled up on the floor trying to make it until midnight so we could take him out fir his first drink. I'm sure his stomach was relieved when we found out the bar we chose was closing at 11 on Thanksgiving and we wouldn't be able to go. That just meant going to Nashville was going to be an even bigger celebration!

Being that I was the only non country fan on the trip, I wasn't as big of a fan of downtown Nashville as everyone else. But I loved the neighbor hoods! If I were to go again, I would just neighborhood hop the whole time and forget the down town strip. Crazy, I know. But to each their own!

I'm the same way with Chicago. I don't really care for downtown aside from the Riverwalk because sitting outside sipping on a drink sounds perfect to me. I'm all about the neighborhoods! Maybe its because its way less touristy. If you decide to go to Nashville, I highly recommend the 12 South neighborhood. Our house was just around the corner from 12th Avenue and it was great. The street was FULL of cute boutiques and fun local restaurants. Once there, definitely check out Vinnie Louise. I bought 2 sweaters from there on 2 different stops and I probably could have bought more. After you shop, you HAVE to go to Bar Taco (tacos featured below). They are some of THE BEST tacos I have ever had in my entire life. And that is saying something because I am obsessed with good and unique taco places.

Awesome thing about Bar Taco is that you fill out a card for the whole table. So if the table wants 10 chorizo tacos, 5 beef, etc you put it down and then dive it up when its brought to the table. They are street tacos so you can eat a lot. When you want more, you put a card up in the stand at the end of the table and you waiter will comeback to take another order. I wanted to eat there for every meal but we had to try other places.

+Other awesome things to check out are the Trolley bar in Germantown. They have an actual trolley inside as the bar itself. 

+Puckets near downtown has awesome Bloody Mary's

+Greenbriar Distillery where they make Belle Meade was awesome. If you haven't heard Lex tell that story, you will. Its one of his favorites.

+Just make a point at stopping at all the street art.

Oh! I should also mention we had the craziest New Years Eve night. We chose to go to Famous Salon which was a newer bar and unknown to us, one of the only non country bars in town (YAY!). It was also having a Cirque du Soleil theme which was I was all for it. We get there and they have arial performers and flame throwers. We got there super early and were able to claim a good spot at the bar. About 10 o'clock the fire alarm and sprinklers go off. Still not sure exactly what happened but we were on the roof so we had to evacuate to the first floor. For whatever reason, they didn't kick us out entirely. There were WAY too many people on the roof so when those people came down the first floor was jam packed. We managed to get another spot at the bar though. We are hanging out trying to get drinks and a fight breaks out right behind my mom. The fire alarm also went off a 2nd time and then because it was New Years, we waited about 40 minutes for an Uber in the freezing cold. Definitely had our fill our adventures.

Here are a few iPhone snaps of the weekend as well! 

Funny story. We went to The Listening Room while in town which is where song writers play songs they have written with/for big stars, for themselves, or are hoping to sell. One of the writers stalking about a few of the country singers he has wrote with and all of the sudden Chris Young (I had no idea who he was) comes up on stage. In sweatpants. Of course, he didn't know he was going ti be singing, just stopped by to listen to his friends perform. The crowd is going its since everyone else seemed to know who he was! You can see a photo of him singing below.