Jess + Alex Villa Olivia Winter Wedding

Jess has always dreamed of a white wedding. So when it was 50 degrees a few Saturdays before I was. little nervous that we might have an abnormally warm day. But luck would have it that a snow storm came Friday night and covered the area in a beautiful fresh coat of snow. It was also ridiculously cold and windy that day so a big shout out to Jess and Alex, along with their bridal party for enduring the cold for a few photos. You guys are awesome.

Jess and Alex did everything at Villa Olivia which I just LOVE. Not only is is great for logistics, having more time to get all the shots we need so the couple can get back to having fun sooner, I think its also perfect for guests to move from the ceremony straight to the cocktail hour in the same exact spot. Makes things easier for them! And again, more partying :) One thing I didn’t realize even from their questionnaire was that there was an actual ski hill. You could watch people go up the hill to the left with people skiing right behind the head table! There was even a few skiers who stopped to watch the ceremony through the window!

Fun fact about their wedding, Jess took her mother’s dress and repurposed it to make it her own. Holy wow it was awesome, I was beyond impressed and seriously loved how that she was able to include something so special like that. She also is crazy creative and made all there decor for their wedding. Give me all the DIY couples <3 I know the pain it is to create things on your won but how worth it is to see the final project finished!

One of the best parts of the day was the reception. Boy did this group know how to PARTY. I am obsessed with some fo these dancing photos. The moment the DJ called everyone out to the dance floor to the time we left there were people out there busting moves and I just love that!! One of my all time favorite things to document on a wedding day is dancing photos. When everyone lets loose and just enjoys themselves.

Jess and Alex, I hope your wedding was everything you two wanted and more! Lex and are so honored we got to be part of your cozy winter wedding and bust a few moves ourselves out on the dance floor :)