Mollie and Adam Waterfall Glen Engagement Session

You know it was a good session when as you are leaving, the groom to be tells you he absolutely HATES having his photo taken but had a lot of fun. Can it get any better than that?

Poor Adam though had no idea when he walked up to their session that Mollie had been emailing me about another shoot I had done last summer. It was Amy’s Trash the Dress session where she got IN the marsh like a badass. Mollie said she loved that and wanted a similar feel! So right away I suggested Waterfall Glen. I knew it was in the area so we could easily get to it and easily get into the water… Adam had no idea. So when we got to the waterfall and I asked if she still wanted to go in the water, they did! It was a little chilly and the rocks were a little sharp (SORRY GUYS) but I love these two even more for doing it. And every single one of my goofy ideas.

Mollie and Adam were just wonderful to work with. And I may stay this all the time but I feel so lucky that I get to work with people like them. Walking away from a session and calling Lex on the ride home to tell him just how much fun we had (and the fun that he missed out on ;P ) is a true teller.