Shelbi and Brian Joliet Ironworks Engagement Session

Would you believe me when I said that Shelbi and Brian warned me that they were super awkward? I am pretty sure they were just saying that because these two could be featured on the cover of a magazine. And the magazine would be all about whiskey, puppies, and country. To match Shelbi’s shirt later on in their session ❤

 Shelbi and Brian met through mutual friends and there was this instant connection. Even with Shelbi’s upcoming move to Colorado, they knew there was something there. On the first date Shelbi planned, Brian helped her move her stuff. She promised to pay him in food and took him to Red Robin which he hated but never said. After doing long distance for awhile, Brian basically told her there was a home for her with him if she decided to come back. She moved back shortly after.

 At one point during their session I asked what they were most excited about in marriage. And they responded getting a farm with goats and a dog. I was so surprised by their answer but I loved it! It is not every day you hear of people owning goats. They even have names for them picked out for them already! One of the coolest parts about this job is getting to know people you may have never crossed paths with in real life. But I am so happy I had the opportunity to learn all about Shelbi and Brian. It was evident from the moment the session began that you two are perfect together. 

 I also have to point out that Shelbi and Brian came to their session in Vans and black shirts. Lex and I also came to their session in Vans and black shirts… we are dying laughing as the 4 of us ran around the park. I was just waiting for someone to ask us what our musical group was. They also gifted each other tattoos for their wedding gifts. Coolest couple award just might go to them because I was pretty much obsessed with these two by the end of the their session! 

 Counting down the days until your wedding next summer!