Michigan Adventures - Detroit

Michigan is one of my favorite places to explore. My grandparents have lived in Michigan for as long as I can remember and we have done so many trips there as a family and with friends. I like to call these trips Michigan Adventures and have quite a few albums dedicated to the fun.

If you haven’t been to South Haven, Michigan you are seriously missing out. That has to be my favorite place in Michigan but now the Detroit Eastern Market area is coming pretty close. We spent the weekend in Detroit with some of our best friends. We had realized it had been about 8 months since we had last seen Greg and Sarah at our wedding. Which is SO sad. They live in St. Louis so understandably it is not always easy getting together but since the moment I met these two we have pretty consistently seen each other every few months. So a “friendship weekend” as one of the store owners we chatted with in Ann Arbor said, was needed. We spent most of our time eating, checking out book stores, and taking about a million photos of street art. It was perfect.

Sarah always does a great job about of looking up awesome stuff to do in the area. They had already been to Eastern Market and told us we had to go. Farmers market, street art, and cute shops…sounds like my ideal day! If you haven’t been to Eastern Market, GO. Seriously. It was a blast walking around and trying honey sticks and sipping on locally made lemonade. The shops that surrounded the area were awesome and a great way to support local businesses.

If you are looking for a fun and food filled weekend getaway, here are some places we checked out while in the area and absolutely loved:

Lou’s Pizza - definitely not what we expected when we walked in. Their decor was a little retro with bottles handing from the ceiling all over (see below), an aquarium behind the bar, and a nautical theme. Food was DELICIOUS.

Literati Bookstore - when the 4 of us are together, we typically like to check out new bookstores. This one is worth the trip! I think we all picked out a few books. There are 2 levels to the store and then a coffee shop on the 3rd floor. So cute.

Batch Brew - Beer slushes, need I say more?

Griffin Claw Brewing - We went here for dinner with friends who now live in Michigan and this place was AWESOME. If you are going to go anywhere, check this one out. The food was delicious. Lex and I split fries and an Impossible Burger. And it could have easily eaten 20 of them. Maybe not but you get the point. Plus the atmosphere was just SOOO good.

Detroit City Distillery - Apparently all we did was drink this weekend? This was a random place we stumbled into to take a break and hang out. It was near Eastern Market and was quite cavelike. They had an unusual list of drinks and food but it was awesome.